Student Illness

EASD will consider any student sent to school fully able to participate in school activities, unless a doctor's or dentist's excuse is presented to the school office.

Families should keep their students home from school if they have a fever at or above 100.4 degrees; if they are vomiting; have diarrhea; or are excessively coughing. Students should be kept home until they are fever, vomit, and diarrhea-free for 24 hours. Student absences due to illness must be reported daily to their school. If students are absent for more than three (3) consecutive days, please consider contacting their healthcare provider.

Students who complain of not feeling well at school will be checked for fever and observed. If the student is free from a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, is free from diarrhea, vomiting, and/or excessive coughing, they will be sent back to class. If your student does present any of the above symptoms, the school will make every effort to contact the family as soon as possible. If unable to reach a legal guardian, schools will attempt to make contact with the student's emergency contacts. Please be sure to provide at least one, and up to three, emergency contacts for your student.


Jackson Elementary School | 262-723-1200
Tibbets Elementary School | 262-742-2585
West Side Elementary School | 262-723-3297
Elkhorn Area Middle School | 262-723-6800
Elkhorn Area High School | 262-723-4920
OPtions Virtual Charter School | 262-723-1696

4K Centers
Lakeland's Little Learners | 262-723-8391
Step Ahead Preschool | 262-723-3132
The Learning Curve (TLC) | 262-723-4504