School-based Screenings

EASD Health Services performs several school-based screenings each year to help identify students who may have health difficulties that could interfere with their communication and learning. Families will be notified of screening results.

Each fall, EASD Health Aides and volunteers provide a simple vision screening to students 4K-5th grade. These screenings are NOT eye exams, and simply note students who have difficulty seeing from a distance of ten feet. These screenings do not detect students with near-vision problems. A complete eye exam, performed by an eye care specialist, is recommended for all students entering kindergarten and then every two years.

The goal of the hearing screening is to determine if a hearing problem exists that can interfere with educational performance. Volunteers perform a simple hearing screening each fall, using an audiometer, for students in grades 4K-5. This screening is not a hearing exam and does not detect all types of hearing loss. Families should visit their healthcare provider should the screening detect a problem.

The dental screening for students in grades K-5 is an additional service provided to families by the Elkhorn Area School District to identify students who may need further evaluation by a dentist. The screening is not a dental exam, but rather a dental visualization by a volunteer registered dental hygienist using a flashlight.

EASD requires scoliosis screenings as part of their requested physical exam for kindergartners, fourth, seventh, and ninth graders. There is no in-school scoliosis screening. 

EASD performs lice screenings as needed or by teacher request.